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Years 5 and 6

In Year 5 and 6 we teach a varied and exciting curriculum, which is high on interest and in the acquisition of basic skills too. We believe strongly in high quality teaching and learning and we also want to equip the children in our classes with the key skills and confidence that they need to become lifelong learners. Assessment for Learning is at the heart of our curriculum and our teaching is driven by the children’s interests, or by the gaps in their knowledge which we aim to fill!

Children receive a daily maths lesson that is built upon the principles of a mastery approach to learning maths. The children are asked to solve problems and apply their skills and knowledge with fluency. We expect the children to problem solve and reason using the secure maths skills that they have acquired. In order for them to be the best mathematicians that they can be, we practise key maths skills daily.

The children also receive daily literacy lessons that focus upon developing their understanding of texts through the development of their key reading skills (retrieval, exploration, analysis and inference and deduction). We are passionate about reading and the children in Year 5/6 have constant access to high quality texts that engage and inspire them. Within our daily literacy sessions, we also focus on helping the children learn and apply the key writing skills. They are expected to use these skills with a clear awareness of the audience and purpose of their writing.

We ensure that key scientific, historical and geographical skills are covered in our long term curriculum map. We look forward to getting stuck into these topics throughout the year and look forward to sharing what we have found out with you at the end of each term. Remember to follow our Twitter feed for more up to date information too.

In Year 6 the pupils sit national tests (SATS) each May. The SATS cover reading, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation and Mathematics. Writing is assessed through teacher assessment only. Please see Curriculum Links (Left Menu) for examples of test papers from the last academic year.