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Everything that we do at Ling Moor is clearly aligned to the values of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust.

After consultation with pupils, parents, staff and trustees, we have produced the following shared vision for our academy.

Our Core Purpose: Empower Potential

Our Key Aims:

  • Enable children to be the best they can be
  • Build curiosity, resilience and passion
  • Constantly strive for quality
  • To be recognised as a ‘centre of excellence: a continuously improving, outward facing, ambitious and forward thinking provider of world class education for children.

Our Strategy  - the key pillars, incorporating our underpinning values and principles, which define the way we run and grow towards the achievement of our vision

  • Driving the continuous quality improvement of our provision for children’s education;
  • Enhancing our people, systems and reputation;
  • Working in strong partnership with parents, carers, other schools, agencies and community partners.

Driving the continuous quality improvement of our provision for children’s education


  • Ensuring that children are happy, confident, safe and cared for at all times. Ensuring that they are literate and numerate and have a strong sense of self-worth plus the perseverance and determination to flourish as resilient life long learners and maximize their potential.
  • Ensuring that we value the rounded development of our children: their emotional, spiritual, and physical well being, as well as their academic development. Ensuring that the skills and talents of individual pupils are recognised and nurtured and that they are prepared for life in modern Britain.


  • Ensuring that children are provided with a diverse range of stimulating ‘real life’ learning experiences through a rich and balanced curriculum. A curriculum which is flexible and responsive to local circumstances and to children’s interests and enthusiasms, and which provides them with the bedrock to enable them to be successful in the next stages of their education and the confidence to grasp their life chances.
  • Ensuring that the moral development of our children is supported through a focus on the values which drive positive and safe, behaviour and relationships.


  • Ensuring that we have an unrelenting focus on the quality of teaching and learning. Securing consistently excellent teaching which inspires, challenges and stimulates the minds of our children through a creative and engaging approach to learning.
  • Ensuring that we underpin all that we do with high expectation of what children can do and achieve and how they conduct themselves and their relationships with others.
  • Ensuring that we make the best use of new technologies to enhance children’s learning and help them to adapt to a rapidly changing technological environment.

Culture and Ethos

  • Ensuring that we sustain a culture of belief in what children can achieve and a no excuses approach to underachievement.
  • Ensuring that we maintain a safe, respectful and welcoming environment where children are encouraged to take personal responsibility, make positive choices and take calculated risks on their journey to become confident young citizens.
  • Ensuring that all adults who work within the Academy present as good positive role models for children.
  • Ensuring that children’s achievements are celebrated and that children and adults relish each other’s success.
  • Ensure that we have effective systems and a strong underpinning culture of constructive feedback and learning to secure the continuous quality improvement of our provision.

Enhancing our people, systems and reputation

Our People

  • Ensuring that we recognise that a school can’t be better than the quality of its peopleand the importance that all of the adults in the school make to the life of children
  • Ensuring that the members of the staff team are motivated, confident and feel cherished. Ensuring that they are invested in and their professional skills nurtured and kept fully up to date.
  • Ensuring that we retain the best possible staff team, securing a culture of ‘one team’ within which everyone’s skills, experience and opinions are valued – a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect which inspires trust between colleagues and builds positive relationships.
  • Ensuring that we encourage staff to push boundaries – to challenge themselves and others and to move out of comfort zones, putting learning at the centre of developing our people.
  • Ensure that the Academy is experienced by all those who work within it as fostering a culture of curiosity, creativity and innovation.
  • Ensure that the achievements of those who work within the Academy are recognised and celebrated.

Management systems

  • Ensuring that we have simple, smooth yet effective and robust systems to manage our resources so that we deliver good value for money, and are able to deliver more with less. Ensure that these systems enable us to assure compliance, probity the effective management of risk.
  • Ensure that the barriers to high levels of effectiveness and efficiency are systematically identified and removed.


  • Ensuring that the leadership and management of the Academy, including those involved in its governance, work together to build a team that is sharply focused on securing the highest quality outcomes for our children.
  • Ensuring that leadership across the Academy is visible and responsive so that it serves the needs of those who deliver on the frontline and make the most immediate impact of the education and wellbeing of our children. Ensuring that the leadership holds all members of the staff team to sharp account for the delivery of agreed outcomes.


  • Ensuring that we operate an effective, agile and transparent governance structure which focuses on the achievement of our vision and which holds senior leaders to account for the delivery of outcomes and for securing the emotional and cultural climate of the Academy
  • Ensuring that those who govern the work of the Academy do so based on a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s ethos and performance with full recognition of the duties of compliance and care.

Our Reputation

  • Ensuring that we closely monitor the reputation of the Academy and do all we can to quickly rectify any emerging stakeholder concerns.

Working in strong partnership with parents, carers, other schools, agencies and community partners

Relationships with parents and other key stakeholders

  • Ensuring that key stakeholder groups have a role to play in the development of the Academy through including their thoughts in the development of the ways things are done and through seeking their feedback.
  • Ensuring that we value and actively develop the work of parents as true, active partners in their children’s learning. Ensuring an open door policy so that parents feel comfortable approaching staff.
  • Ensuring that we identify and actively remove barriers to highly effective partnership working which is based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Ensuring that we evaluate our partnership work to ensure that it is valued by our partners and is having an impact on the quality of our work with our children.
  • Ensuring that we identify potential partners who will add value to our work.

Benefiting from, and contributing to, the work of other schools, partners and professional research

  • Ensuring that we build and strengthen the links we have with other schools and educational establishments.
  • Ensuring that we draw on evidence and experience of the best ways to achieve excellent outcomes from children.
  • Ensuring that we contribute to the development of other school through sharing our skills and knowledge in leadership, governance and classroom practice.