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At Ling Moor Primary Academy we place great emphasis on developing responsible, caring and thoughtful children with strong morals and values. 

The core values of the Priory Federation of Academies Trust are pillars of what we do: wisdom, curiosity, courage and passion.

This means that we aim to promote positive values throughout our school community by teaching them in an explicit, structured way. The values that we instill in our children help them to become mature, responsible and caring adults able to work co-operatively with each other whilst striving for success. Every month we have a different focus, our monthly values are shown below.

Respect - January

Love and Caring - February

Friendship - March

Patience and Tolerance - April

Honesty - May

Responsibility and Trust - June

Courage - July

Freedom - August

Quality - September

Co-operation - October

Thoughtfulness - November

Peace and Happiness - December