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Music is part of everyday life at Ling Moor. As a Platinum Sing-Up school we enjoy singing together and use singing both for its own sake and to help learn and retain information in other subjects.

Children are taught to use a wide range of percussion instruments and also have the chance to learn to play tuned instruments too. Throughout all music lessons co-operation is developed alongside musical skills.

Key Stage 1

In Foundation Stage children are given the opportunity to explore different instruments and learn a range of songs linked to events and topics. Music Express is sometimes used as a resource.

In Key Stage One music ideas come from topic based activities. Assessment is linked to the skills taught and completed using a skills grid from the Lincolnshire Music Service. 

Key Stage 2

The music curriculum has been designed in house to link with the topic work. Children are provided with opportunities to perform both using their voices and a range of tuned and untuned instruments, explore and appraise a variety of pieces and styles of music and also create their own simple compositions (both rhythmical and tuned). Children in 5 are taught music by professionals from the Lincolnshire Music Service, Wider Opportunities Programmes.  Year 5 children are taught to play a range of reed and woodwind instruments, through a workshop style approach which also includes singing and composition activities. Children in Year 6 follow the Music Express scheme.  Units are linked to topics where appropriate and cover a range of musical skills including exploration of rhythm, composition and singing.

Assessment in Years 3, 4 and 6 are completed using a skills grid created by the Lincolnshire Music Service. Assessment in Year 5 is completed by the wider opportunities staff.