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At Ling Moor Primary Academy all of our children are mathematicians. We have a very strongly held view that the vast majority of our children are able to grasp the mathematical concepts applicable to their year group and that they should all regularly have the opportunity to apply these through reasoning and solving problems in different contexts.

We believe that every child has the right to achieve high expectations without a pre-conceived limit being put on their ability or attainment. The ability to succeed is not fixed and this is clear in both lesson design and class teaching. Therefore, all children, other than those who have a clearly identified and significant learning need*  are given the opportunity to access each lesson regardless of previous attainment and the role of the teacher is to scaffold learning so that gaps are short, if there at all.   Pupils attaining highly in their year group will be challenged to think more deeply when solving problems appropriate to their year group rather than accelerating though the content of future year groups.

All children will develop a fluency with number and deepened conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts involved.   They will use these to solve sophisticated maths problems and be able to reason using mathematical language. They will have the opportunity to experiment with and represent their thoughts, ideas and solutions using practical resources, images and mathematical symbols.  At Ling Moor we strive to teach maths using many of the key themes of a mastery led curriculum.

*Clearly planed intervention takes place to support the needs of children who have clearly identified and significant learning needs. This may include focussed work that enables children to access maths via life skills – Cooking / Shopping / Time Keeping etc.