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It is vital for children to understand the world, and the interactions within it, in order to inspire a curiosity that will last for the rest of their lives.

Geography encourages children to take an interest in the world around them and to be aware of the human and environmental challenges that we face.

Geography is about places, whether they are local, national or global, and the physical and human processes that take place within these locations. Children are encouraged to explore the world through as much hands-on experience as possible. They have the opportunity to explore the local environment, as well as further afield, in order to develop their fieldwork skills.

At Ling Moor Primary Academy, Geography is embedded into the curriculum through our topics. Children are exposed to all of the skills and subject knowledge covered in the National Curriculum within the context of engaging and exciting topics.

The learning of key geographical knowledge and skills provides an opportunity for children to apply their mathematical and literacy learning.