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Mathematics is a core subject and is hugely important in school.It provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world and is very important to life in the ‘real world’. Mathematics covers a range of skills such as problem solving and reasoning, where skills such as perseverance and a positive attitude are encouraged.Arithmetically we also spend time learning strategies for calculating with the four operations (both mentally and written) and aim to have a rapid recall of number facts; including multiplication tables.

Our maths is taught in line with the national curriculum and EYFS.At a medium term level we use Big Maths and Little Big Maths to add structure to our core number work.This forms the first part of every maths lesson.The main part of the lesson is then planned dependent on the children’s needs identified during a half termly assessment.On a Friday the children will do a ‘Learn Its’ test to aim to beat their best score when recalling multiplication tables.The older children also do a short weekly test at their own level to ensure that key knowledge and skills are retained.

Assessments are conducted in a test format every half term.This helps us to measure progress, but more importantly it provides us with the feedback required for planning the next terms maths lessons.

Mr Sharpe is a lead practitioner in mathematics and is the maths subject leader.